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Replace external force with an internal force

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    Hi guys. I am working on making a haptic device for a baseball simulator. Now the problem is that I want to replace the external force for the ball hitting the bat with an internal force in my bat-like device using either solenoids or motors. Do you think it is possible to replace the external force and still get a recoil-like feel on the bat?
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    It won't really work. This is why: There are two ways to achieve some similar effect like a recoil.
    1) Actually recoil something inside the bat. You could use a high mass that wouldn't need to be speed up as much as a ball, but you would have to catch it again inside the bat which would produce a very unnatural force.
    2) Do something funky with a gyroscope, but these things would normally turn the bat in weird directions. You could spin the gyroscope up slowly though in a direction counterclockwise to the bat swing, and hit the breaks suddenly the moment you simulate the hit. Gyroscope physics are a ***** though and the bat will be have in a strange way when your swing is not in the right plane of motion.
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    hey thanks for that. I did consider gyroscope, but apart from the difficult control, it'll make the bat heavy and defy the whole purpose of a wireless haptic device.
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