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Replacing 'Le Grand K': Question

  1. Mar 7, 2004 #1
    I have a question. Given we cannot determine accurately enough the actual size of the planck mass and other natural constants, which is the most accurate way of fixing the mass standard (theoretically).

    1. The mass of a certain volume of water udner certain specified conditions?


    2. The mass of some lump of metal (i.e. Le Grand K)


    3. Some fraction of the mass of the Earth (or sun, or moon or Mars etc)

    4. Equal to the energy of some natural constant or other

    or.... some other way?

    Bascially, there have been problems getting rid of the metal kilogramme prototype as we cannot more accurately produce a mass standard tied to natural constants.
    So, could somebody help me out here and tell me which of the above methods would be best/most accurate way of establishing the new mass standard.

    cheers :D
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