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Request for introductory book on graph theory

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    I'm looking for the title to a popular introductory book on graph theory. For the best possible recommendation, perhaps it would be wise for me to give you signals of my academic maturity.

    I completed undergraduate math major in May 2010. Since then I've been working, but I'm looking to get back into grad school. Currently I get textbook names from first year graduate level classes, work through them, and write up the solutions. I've been doing this for approximately one month, and have made it halfway through Principles of Mathematical Analysis (Rudin) and Abstract Algebra (Dummit, Foote). Probably a little less than halfway for the second one, actually.

    I also anticipate answers of the form, "well make sure you've read books like this one first." According to Wikipedia, group theory and combinatorics are related areas; I've taken undergrad classes in the former but not the latter.

    Thanks in advance for responses, and apologies in advance for inadequate use of the forum's search feature.
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    Hey there thrown122387 and welcome to the forums.

    If you haven't had many encounters with group theory or combinatorics I recommend you start with a book on the field of "Discrete Mathematics".

    Basically discrete mathematics consists of mathematics that do not involve limits of some kind or things related to this. Under the guise of "Discrete Mathematics" you get combinatorics, graph theory, probability, set theory and other topics.

    One book that has been around for a while (and has had many revisions) is the book by Kenneth Rosen. Once you get a feel for the basics then you can find more specialized books that deal with particular aspects of a subject.

    Right now I'm reading an ebook called "Combinatorics - Topics, Techniques and Algorithms" by P Cameron and it looks very dense in terms of content and scope.
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    Hi there.

    I can recommend "lecture notes in Graph Theory" by Tero Harju.

    I am certain that if you use a popular browser and search the title and author above you will be able to find a pdf of the entire book. That's how I have mine.

    Best wishes
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    Found them both. I love the internet. Thanks guys.
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