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Research Internships {USA or Abroad} for summer between undergrad and grad school

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    What research internships are there out there for students between undergrad and grad school.
    This upcoming summer I'll have graduated from undergrad and will (hopefully) be going to grad school in the fall.

    But I want to be doing some research this upcoming summer. I'm not particularly confined to any field because I'm still unsure what area I want to go into.

    I did an REU this past summer in HEP, but I know those are only for undergraduate students.

    I think most of the national labs have internships for people in my situation, but I know they're extremely competitive.

    Are there any research opportunities abroad that aren't restricted to undergrads?

    I wouldn't mind continuing in HEP because I find it fascinating, and I feel like that's more of an international research area than others. I also find clean energy fascinating.

    Any suggestions for where to look?

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    Like you mention national labs have programs that accept students who have just graduated (SULI is one). If you don't end up with a position come spring you can email professors in the grad school you will be going to in the fall. In my program it's not uncommon for students to move early and do research over the summer. You will most likely need research experience relevant to the professor's group to do this.
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