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Resistance of a Circular resistor

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    Hello all.

    I'm trying to calculate the resistance of a circular resistor with the following specifications:

    Doped Silicon with a carrier concentration of 1.6x1025 m-3 (sheet resistance ~ 0.5 ohms/square)

    Radius = 200 microns
    thickness = 5 microns.

    I know the general formula for calculating resistance of a standard serpentine configuration:

    Resistance = (resistivity/thickness) x Length/Width
    = sheet resistance x (Length/Width)

    However what is the formula for a circular resistor?
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    It seems the point of this question, is to get you to think how would you calculate resistance of a shape that is not rectangular.
    To make the calculation easier, they gave you a regular geometric shape.
    Between what two points are you basing resistance of this shape?
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