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Resources to learn more about what engineering is?

  1. Jul 25, 2013 #1
    Hello! Can anybody here recommand any website/book that can give example about/introduce to me what engineering really is or what do engineers typically do? I have tried search for it online but it seems that it is really hard to find...

    I want to look at more information about engineering because I feel like I might like engineering and want to know if this is really the case. I noticed that I would become interested when the professor talks about how people use a known science principle to create something that is useful, also I feel like I am sensitive about the characteristic of different objects or materials and the advantage/disadvantage of using them in a particular way. And I would say that I am someone that has a desire to create and design things for my life rather than study things that already exist or anything else. For me these sounds like they are greatly related to an engineer's job. But I haven't really learn/heard about what engineering really is before in my life so I can't be sure if I am right or not, so I would like to look at some websites/books etc. to learn more about engineering and see if I really like it or not, and if I do how much do I like it.

    Is there anything out there that is similar to what I have mentioned? If so please tell me and I will really appreciate your help! :)
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