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Resume Question about Research Experience and Publications

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    At this moment I am typing up my resume for an engineering career fair coming up this week. I lost my resume doc from last year, so I have to type it up from scratch and memory. The old one was pretty standard like objective, education, experience etc. I did some volunteer undergrad research over the summer and now have a publication under my belt.

    I'm trying to figure out where to add this new information. Some ideas

    1. Include my reserach experience in the experience section of my resume, then add the publication under the education section:

    Volunteer Lab Asistant For MCL June 2007-Present
    -Prepared and fabricated Nanocomposites
    -Assisted in testing Nanocomposite samples under the testing machine(I forgot the name, I will look it up later)

    Publications: Nanocomposite Report
    Researcher, Lab Asistant1, ME, Professor
    (include name of publication website)

    2. Make an separate topic for RESEARCH and include all the above information, however, this might take up a lot of space that I might need to relevant coursework.
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    I'd probably do the first, but you should decide what looks best on your resume.
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    For a resume, especially when you only have a single publication, I'd suggest you list both under experience.

    -Resulted in publication: (full citation of your article)

    You definitely want to list the publication with the experience, because that emphasizes the quality of that experience, and your accomplishments, level of responsibility, etc.

    You might even want to add a touch more detail there, especially if that's experience directly related to the area of work you want to get into. For example, say a little more about what the nanocomposites were so the reader knows you really knew what you were doing.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. The fair was 2 days ago, and the research experience on my resume brought some pretty nice discussions with the recruiters. I basically put it under experience:
    <Name of Lab>
    Volunteer Laboratory Assistant
    •Located required materials to conduct experiments
    •Prepared and fabricated Nanocomposite samples
    •Assisted in testing Nanocomposite samples in using the Differential Scanning Calorimeter and the Thermogravimetric Analyzer

    Many of them thought the above was an internship. I guess because I forgot to mention the location of the lab which was at my school.

    I'm thinking about changing it something like this

    <Name of Lab>
    Volunteer Laboratory Assistant
    •located required materials to conduct experiments
    •Worked with Vinyl ester resin in fabricating aluminum oxide, cerium oxide and copper oxide nanocomposites.
    •Assisted in testing Nanocomposite samples using the Differential Scanning Calorimeter and the Thermogravimetric Analyzer.

    What are the opinions of putting down a list of upper divison coursework on a resume? I've gotten mixed responses from different career counselors and friends.
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