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Is it OK to put a single paper under 'Publications' in a resume?

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    I am a Physics Major,
    last summer I did a project in a professor's lab
    the project produced a paper
    the professor and post-doc put my name in the author section (not first or second)

    So my question is, is it OK (appropriate) to put the paper under 'Publications' under my resume?
    I am not the first/second author and I only have one paper with my name on it.

    I am still in undergraduate btw.
    The resume is needed for a program in my department.
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    Yes, you were part of that work and are credited as an author. It doesn't matter that you're 3rd author (doesn't matter as so far as whether or not you're allowed to put it on a CV/Resume).
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    ..or under the heading 'Publication'. ;)
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    hint: 1 > 0.
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    funny, I changed the heading just alst night ..

    thx everyone..
    my first paper..not sure what to do..
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    congrats, this is a really big deal
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    Make sure it's not your only paper :)
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    You can put your details in a single page but make sure to add all your important details in your resume.
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    Old thread is old.
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