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Review Geocentric model currently used

  1. Jul 9, 2015 #1
    More than 300 years ago Galileo Galilei began to revise the geocentric model and he defended the heliocentrism model, now that still use the geocentric model and helps to much, time (time, day, month and year are based on geocentric model), geometry (Euclid), math, the same system of geoposition use the geocentric model, it would be good to review future use, for generations and now think how to using it, the problem is that most of the theories of physics are based on the geocentric model, affecting the concepts and constants. although it is thought that is no longer in use, still used in our daily lives.
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    Do you have a question?
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    We use units that are convenient for everyday life, but physics is independent of units. Physics works the same in every unit system.

    Actually, the kilogram is the last basic unit that is not defined in terms of fundamental physical constants. How is "the duration of 9192631770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium 133 atom" (1 second) geocentric, for example?
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    I mean , right now everything it is working ok , kilogram , we are on the earth and we feel safe but after the earth , all theories and standard model are based on geocentric model, we cannot go further , just tell me who has GPS , clock , we need to review the old concepts , math and geometry ,
    Just need to understand what say :

    Ptolemy's Almagest

    He notes that any model describing planetary motion is merely a mathematical artifact and as there is no way of knowing what is real, simpler model and that yields the correct number is the one to use.

    All ecuacion and theories are merely a mathematical artifact ?, we need new ideas and concepts

    Just a simple question what are a definition of time? I bet no one has the real answer and all equations use time has problems , classical physics, Quantum physics , Einstein physics (with respect).

    Why can we go more speed light ? we are using geocentric model , nobody want to admit it

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    I do not have a doubt how works , mi question it is why are using?, what parts affect the new theories and project of research right now , materials , SI , LHC , new particles , because we are on the earth and later , if we go out space , why Pioneer lose velocity?
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    The insight of Galileo (not Copernicus, though he helped lead to it) isn't that geocentrism is wrong, but rather that who cares? Relativity doesn't say that we can't still use Earth as a reference frame when convenient, it merely tells us that the Earth-centered reference frame isn't special.
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    Jose Leal, you are posting a mixture of unsupported statements, misconceptions, and questions that are too vague and general to lead to a useful discussion. This thread is closed. If you want to start a new thread, please pick one specific question about mainstream science and focus on that.
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