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Homework Help: Robotics and Automation of a Robotic Arm

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    Good day everyone:

    I am planning on automating a robotic arm that is in my school's Instrumentation and Controls lab for my senior project, but I would like to know what are the things that I would have to take into consideration.
    What are the Steps that I would have to take to get this project started? Please offer your suggests and share whatever literature or idea that you believe may be useful. You responses will be greatly appreciated.

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    What kind of robotic arm is it? It already exists, and you are adding some capability to it? Or are you looking to design and build one from scratch?

    When you say "automating", what processor are you going to use? What inputs will the processor have coming from the arm and any video feeds? What is the arm supposed to be able to do?
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    I dont have an answer to all the the questions you asked as it was just an idea I had. However your questions have given me a foundation on which to start. I will get all the information and post them on the PF as soon as possible. What I do have are images of the robotic arm in my school's lab which I plan one automating. I was thinking of building one from scratch but after reading the literature on "Society of Robotics" website of how to build a robotic arm I decided to take an alternative route by automating the one that already exists. If I am having difficulties with the robotic arm in my school's lab I would not have a problem to try making one from scratch.

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