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Rocky's philosophy after beating Draco.

  1. Jun 14, 2004 #1
    I came here tonight,
    and i didn't know what to expect.
    I seen a lot of people hating me,
    and i didn't know what to feel about that,
    so i guess i didn't like you too much either.
    During this "fight",
    I seen a lot of changing,
    the way you's felt about me, and the way i felt about you.
    In here, there were two guys killin each other,
    but i guess, thats better than 20 million.
    So what im tryin to say,
    is that if I can change,
    and you can change,

    Ijust wanna say, one thing to my kid, who should be home sleeping
    Merry Christmas kid!
    I LOVE YOU!!

    I find this similar to the Cold War.
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  3. Jun 14, 2004 #2
    wow! thats deep.
  4. Jun 17, 2004 #3
    i don't want to change. MAKE ME.
  5. Jun 18, 2004 #4
    Shut The **** Up
  6. Jun 18, 2004 #5


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    Hey, no need for that! Shouldn't you just be pitying the fool?

  7. Jun 18, 2004 #6


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    Should you pity the irresponsible? Of course not. The irresponsible bring it on themselves. We ought to say 'you got what you wanted', not 'you poor thing'.
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