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Rotary Vane Compressor Design Calculations

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    I am designing a sliding vane rotary compressor for a supercharger application on a small horsepower engine, but I am having trouble with the calculations. I have some estimations that I would hope to be correct (or close) but have no way to verify them at this point. One of the toughest parts is seeming to be the geometry (changing volumes as rotor spins) used for calculating the pressure change.

    I basically need some way to use basic parameters such as Bore Diameter and Depth, Rotor Diameter, # Vanes, and discharge port location so that I can estimate power requirements, flow rate, and pressure boost so that I can properly size the compressor. I was wondering if anyone had any calculation equations, spreadsheets, or point me toward some documents that could help me out with this. I would appreciate any help you can give.
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    I am also designing a sliding vane supercharger for an IC engine (VW aircooled beetle engine) hopefully something similar to a Judson supercharger. Looking round the internet i found these formulae hope they help you in some way, i also have some IC engine books with some information on the thermo and fluid mech of super/turbochargers. It would be great to share information and notes on design, materials etc. I am not sure as the best way to manufacture the rotor, the housing is probably best cast or forged then machined to tolerance for bearings etc, i am contemplating a billeted rotor.

    the website is
    http://www.austinsevenfriends.com/Bruce/Supercharger Information and Formulae.htm
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