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Building a rotary piston engine

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    This project is a basic 6 inch rotary piston engine.

    The rotary engine project is to build a external combustion chamber that will redirect the expanding heat into a rotor housing and turn a rotor with a single piston vane 340 degrees to the exhaust port.

    The basic piston,rod and crank compresses air/fuel mixture into a chamber that allows the combustion heat energy to move into the rotary housing to spin the rotor.

    This is the most efficiency way to convert heat energy into direct output of mechanical work.

    I'm at the first stage of building the housing and rotary assy.

    This is the data of the housing/rotor

    Rotor size: 6"diameter x 2"width....area ((3^2*pi)*2)=56.55cu/in
    Housing size: 7" inner diameter x 2" width....area ((3.5^2*pi)*2)=76.97cu/in
    Piston vane: .5" x 2" or 1in/sq

    The total piston stroke at 360 degrees (((3.5^2*pi)*2)-((3^2*pi)*2))=20.42cu/in or334.62cc
    The piston has a 340degree power stroke before it enters the exhaust port and 20 degree after the combustion port, or a total if 320 degree of mechanical work.

    (20.42/360deg)*320deg= 18.15cu/in total displacement of mechanical work in the rotary housing.

    Combustion chamber is 1 cu/in in area.
    Compressor pump 2.5" diameter piston x 2.25 stroke

    The combustion chamber is a special design port that stores the max pressure to a limit of 150psi, after combustion of fuels the expanding port is redirected into the rotary housing, that then move the rotor forward.

    This is the only engine that can can convert heat energy at TDC, into direct output of torque.

    Max heat pressure 2000+psi
    max output of torque (1000*3inch crank)=3000in/lb

    I don't know what the true output of torque would be when this is finished.

    This is what the engine will look like:

    3d cad simulation:
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    This is the 6" Rotary Piston Engine Housing...

    9" x 10" x 2.5"

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    The basic theory of the Rotary Piston Engine:
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