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RPM independent grid tie induction generator

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    Through our research we discover that an AC induction motor can act as a DC amplifier, as long as there is torque making it turns. Applying the process we are able to build RPM independent grid tie induction generator. Tested with variable US grid at consumer configuration.
    Similar to PMA (Permanent magnet Alternator), the faster it turn the more power it generates out to the grid, regardless how fast/slow it is turning. as long as is less then 10% of the built-in synchronous RPM. The improvement lays in the fact that it does not require the torque/speed to be synchronous RPM+ in order for it to act as generator.

    Induction Motor/Generator has been as such for the long long time. And we all own Tesla for his genius inventions.

    To be informative and and for the "good will" purpose on what can be done, not to be understood as "promoter"; I do not post the link here. However a Google search on the title may give you some directions.
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