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Said Mowgli

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    "Man-Pack and Wolf-Pack have cast me
    out," said Mowgli. "Now I will hunt alone in the Jungle.".
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    There are always http://superstringtheory.com/forum/cosmoboard/messages9/2.html [Broken] of a different kind?

    Sorry, came out of nowhere? :smile:

    What are http://www.superstringtheory.com/forum/relboard/messages6/137.html [Broken]
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    Yep sol2, Ligo is a interesting scent to follow. It is fortunate that cosmologist arguments are considered when building models; even I find more impressive their argument barring more than three generations of particles.

    When I, somehow drunked, posted the quote last Saturday I was thinking in the crackpot-pack and the physicists-pack. A post of me was simultaneusly rejected in s.p.r. and ignored (now 19 readers during the weekend) in Theory Development.


    PS: I have found that Asher Peres also likes R. Kipling quotes.
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    That was a interesting story. I fail to understand what is being encouraged as your "post" did not work.

    What is being rejected?
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    hmm, ok, now it works. There was a typo in the link tag.
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    [URL [Broken] there was this boy who had a father, who was a fighter fighter, and son who always operated on the periphery of existance........ so that he did not have to fight like his father?

    So what was rejected? :smile:
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    I am not getting your metaphor :-(

    Well, anyway, I uploaded the thing as pdf file to the CDS; it is only that this Saturday I was amazed of having a physics posting with no answers in the "theory development" but also with no answers in, ahem, "more serious" physics sites. I felt a little of the mix of sorrow and fury of Mowgli.
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    I reedited the post previous to yours and then created this one

    http://en.wikipedia.org/upload/d/d9/Mowgli.png [Broken]

    Now lets look at this in a psychological sense, as it provides a basis for how we might encounter this kind of thing for many other people as well. Even myself:)

    I am self taught, and have devoted a extraordinary amount of time in research material, yet my presence in sci physics strings. research might be offensive to some because of the laymen position I hold.

    That the territory is better served in sci.physics strings to those who have devoted their educational background, to perfecting the maths for viewing the reality they serve :smile:

    In that country, there is foreign ownership, because of the accent developed from learning the language. Not all of us can speak it, but some of us know where this country resides:)

    So in my case, using your unhappiness and metaphorical postion, I understand, and have taken this oportunity to clarify not only your postion but mine and others as well.

    In my case the relevance to your level of knowledge is much lower, yet I do not miss sometimes the eye catching anomalies, that others can miss:) Tie together the history that many have not tied together, that only see fragments and coastlines.

    While in model assumption, some move higher to the realization that such countries are highighted, as we move outward from the planet:)

    Thread through the eye hole of a needle and next thing you know, the thread leads to a universe:)

    If you noticed, I have not spoken to your article, yet it has sparked some areas in my brain that wonder about what you are saying. I am doing a little research.

    That all the knowledge you have gained, allows you to see things that other would not see, and that is a result of being raised by the wolves:)Some will see the sincerity of your interests. Some are very impatient becuase their views might extend farther then yours and to stop and point out the roads leading too, would have deterred them from the roads they are travelling.

    No sense being embittered. Know that the company you keep, has the same issues for everyone at some point or another. Even, for those whose vision is failing in the later years, and need the glassses of the younger versions of ourselves:) We taught the young cubs well?:)

    No man/woman is a island :) You might see the humour in it all, and I hope, brightens your day.

    There is a creative part of ourselves that is truly artistic, even here in science. One learns to weave together the story,whether its Mowgli or the son.:) Remember two different stories, that have become interlaced. :smile:

    In Stranger in a Strange Land, one soon senses what Grokking actually means, when you learn to sip the wine. Some drink fast like me and lose sight of the finer tastes. Aging it, helps sometimes :smile:
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    And nice posting it is.

    Yep I felt that some clarification was needed, or just that it is needed from time to time.
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