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Sample questions I have been asked for an EE internship position - Boeing, IBM, LM

  1. Feb 24, 2008 #1
    These are a list of questions I have been asked, thought you perhaps could benefit from it somehow. I've been accepted to 2/3 of the companies below, so if you can ace these questions in the interview, you're golden. Good luck!!!


    - for a computer programming type position (phone interview):

    1) Describe some projects that you've completed.
    2) What are some of the languages you're fluent in?
    3) Tell me about a technical problem in one of your programs and how you solved it.
    4) How do you test if a program is working? What have you done in your own programs?
    5) Have you had experience in working in a software team? Were your class projects individual or team based?
    6) What were your responsibilities at your last internship?


    Lockheed Martin
    - for a radar (EE) position - in person interview

    1) Describe some projects that you've completed.
    2) Have you worked in a team?
    3) Describe some projects that you've completed.
    4) Have you had a conflict with a team member? If so, how did you solve it?
    5) What is mean to bias a transistor?
    6) What do you know about the Doppler effect?
    7) What frequency ranges do radar and sonar operate?
    8) How do you test a "test script"?
    9) Whats the course that you dislike the most?
    10) Who did you work with at your last internship?
    11) How do you tell your manager that the time table he/she has given you will not work?


    - for a CMOS semiconductor position - phone interview

    1) Can you tell me about your schools program?
    2) What's your favorite course?
    3) Are you interested in the field?
    4) What are some of your hardware strengths?
    5) Have you been exposed to the semiconductor fab process?
    6) What did you learn in your semiconductor theory class?
    7) Have you written test scripts? If so, what language?
    8) Where do you see yourself after you graduate with your B.S.? Are you going to get a graduate degree?
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