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Science and time for spirituality

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    This isn't exactly related to the topic of this forum, but I guess I'll ask anyways:

    I'm currently doing my 2nd year of a 1st degree in math\physics\CS and I don't have time for anything (I'm also a full-time mom to a 4 month old, but that's a subject for a different thread).
    I enjoy the intellectual stimulation of science (when I don't feel pressured), and I think I have a pretty good potential for the kind of stuff I'm learning (although I'm having a hard time implementing it at this stage in life). The other reason I'm learning physics (and the rest) is that I hope to make some sort of contribution to the world (hopefully in climate physics or some sort of cleantech).
    However, I feel that because my head is so full of equations and deadlines all the time, I don't have time to pause and develop the more spiritual sides of my life. I barely have time to read books that you don't need a pencil and paper and table to get through. (Right now I'm reading Prigogine's "Order Out of Chaos" at nursing breaks and the universe will probably collapse into a wormhole before I finish it). I'm interested in a lot of other subjects in the humanities and social sciences, and like writing, music and yoga, but can't find time for those hobbies.

    So I was wondering:

    A) Is there a point in life (after finishing a Bsc\Masters\Phd\after coming home from work) when there's actually time for more than just physics and family?
    B) Has anyone else felt spiritually "parched" while studying physics or working in the field, and how have you solved it?

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    Hi, sari, welcome to the forum!

    Sure, after you're done with school you'll have time for hobbies and pastimes again. But you're doing two very intensive things at the same time now - school and mommy-ing. It's going to be a while until you have much spare time, I think.

    Your second question - well I dealt with it by shutting everything else out of my life. I put on blinders, focussed only on school. No hobbies, no dating, no reading other books, minimal time with friends or family. Somehow, when you're wanting something but you can't have enough of it to satiate yourself, it's better to have none at all. For me, at least.
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    You need little bit time for yourself. If you keep on working you will be exhausted in less than a week. I would suggest finding if you are spending too much time say on commuting, watching TV, internet etc.. You can better utilize that time. It is not possible to commit 20 hours/week to constructive hobbies but at least 5 hours is possible. I discovered that it requires high self discipline and lots of strength to utilize most of your time. Last term, I dedicated 6 hours/week to hobbies and I was more energetic and had to spend less time to learn things. Also, focus on how you are learning. Sometimes, working with a group shortens the amount of time you need to understand concepts (I spend about quarter of my studying time with group and rest self). I feel more energetic when I work with a group.
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