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Science fiction stuff that could never happen

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    I would not mind hearing about some of the things that we have either read or watched in the sci-fi world that could never happen in real life (pet peeves and/or total imposables) just to have a little fun debunking and setting strate some of the thing that we have all seen that other may believe could happen just to give an example superpowerd superheroes like the x-men
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    Filip Larsen

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    My pet peeves definitely include spaceships that are described or depicted as if they are moving like an aircraft or a ship. Most sci-fi movies or games that includes spacecrafts usually goes to great lengths to get it all wrong leaving the general public behind with all the wrong idea of how it actually works. There are even space games out there that sports zero physical realism in this regard. I largely blame George Lucas for this sad state of affairs.
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    nop star trek and other early show like blake's 7 flash gordon were doing the flying in space thing well before star wars and yes i would have to say that is a bad miss leader in all space ship type shows
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    "Bring the ship to a complete stop Mr Sulu".
    "But captain..."
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    "Standard orbit Mr Sulu".
    "Captain, if we lose power the ship will spiral into the planet in two hours".
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    "Captain the ship has lost all power, we only have enough air for 4 hours".
    "Oh no, but thank the Lord we still have gravity".
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    how about laser blasters that show a short beam of light slow enough to see it traveling and able to dodge it lol
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    Iron Man's suit doesn't have inertia dampeners, yet he doesn't go splat inside of it.
    Superman's arms don't have inertia dampeners, yet the people he catches just over the ground don't go splat in them.
    Cobra's floating ice fortress sank when broken up.
    Star Trek's computer terminals are all made of explodium.
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    Technically, they arent lasers, but some kind of plasma projectile, although i heard there are real lasers called turbo lasers that couldnt be dodged easily.
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    They don't come right out and say that his suit is equipped with inertial dampeners, but I always thought it had to have them. Otherwise, as you said, he wouldn't have made it out of the testing phase shown in the first film. He would've been squished meat in a can. That said, even inertial dampeners are pretty far fetched based on what they're expected to do.

    Star Trek's transporter system is extremely dubious as it's depicted on the show and movies. I don't see how the agony of being disintegrated at one location and replaced by a copy of yourself at another location would ever be practical or desirable. Maybe with inanimate objects, but not living organisms.
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    Or one that can be stopped in mid-air while simultaneously freezing the person that fired it.
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