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Science Illustration

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    Has anyone heard of eLance? It's a site where you can bid for contracts depending on your vocation (web dev, print design, etc.)

    I wish to build up a port folio of science illustrations. There isn't much call for that on eLance, so I'd like to cast my net wider.

    I would be interested in any suggestions and/or pushes in the right direction to find places where I can flog my trade as a science illustrator. (That includes here. If you have diagrams or illos you want or need, I'm your man.)

    They can be anything from simple graphs for school textbooks to complex people shots or photo retouches.

    I am in Canada. That might limit my ability to find markets in the States.
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    Craigslist has a services section, and ebay allows selling services but they have more strict guidelines.
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