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A See gases with consumer IR camera

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    I am trying to do a project to simulate MODIS (NASAS' telescope addon). I have a flir one which helps me replicate the thermal camera but i need also a co2 camera. I know its possible with a ir camera with a 4um filter but my camera apparently works from de 8-15um range which is out. I though maybe another gases just to simulate but i cant find anything. Not even a 14um filter or something like that. Got any ideas? Thanks!
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    Have you tried fog - a water mist?
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    Andy Resnick

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    Your post is confusing- what camera do you have? Different portions of the IR spectrum (say 1-2 um for short wave IR (SWIR), 3-5 um for mid-wave IR (MWIR) and 8-12 um for long wave IR (LWIR)) require very different optical materials for the lenses and detectors. If you want to perform IR spectral imaging to image different gases, I am unaware of any device- the hyperspectral cameras I am aware of operate in the visible waveband.
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