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Semiclassical approach to emission

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    Where can i find something on the calculation of the emission spectrum with the semiclassical approach?

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    Emission of what? X-ray? Secondary electrons? Twinkies?

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    Sorry, mmmm money?...If money is not possible, my second choice is emission of photons by a system. For example a two level system interacting with a monochromatic E.M. wave
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    I am not sure about the semiclassical approach, but the classical approach to emission of money is working. At least for spontaneous emission. If you are interested in stimulated emission you might have to ask someone who was involved with Lehman Brothers or some related bank.

    The standard reference is: E.T. Jaynes, F.W. Cummings (1963). "Comparison of quantum and semiclassical radiation theories with application to the beam maser". Proc. IEEE 51 (1): 89–109. DOI:10.1109/PROC.1963.1664.

    If you do not have access to that article, there are also plenty of overview articles on what has been termed the Jaynes-Cummings model. (two-level atom interacting with a quantized cavity mode). Some of them should also be available for free or on the ArXiv. A quick google search should find you one of these.
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    Please excuse me for taking so long to answer, i want to thanks for the suggestion it has been helpful! :)

    Also for money stimulated emission!
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