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Senior Undergraduate Project Advice

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    I know this sounds bad because I don't know what I wanna do for a senior project, but I am looking for some guidance and advice. I have seen many of my classmates waste so much time on unimportant and useless research and I don't want to do the same. I realize that at this point I am not going to be able to make a major breakthrough in Physics through an undergraduate senior project but however I would like to do something that could be of any use or benefit (even if it miniscule) to what is important issues in Physics/technology these days. I might plenty of time to work on my project so even if it was something time consuming then I might be able to do it. Also, I might be able to get funding from my school is the project was impressive enough or if there was some benefit for others in it (for example, if I decided to build something then I might be funded for it.) Any suggestions or ideas? I could also use a list of important topics in Physics where progress has been slow or maybe other issues where contributions could be made. Thanks
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    This kind of question is probably better addressed to faculty at your school. Not only might they have (feasible) ideas for projects, they may actually be willing to support you in your research (whether financially or with available equipment). Assuming you will be working on this project next semester and have yet to start it or do any preliminary research, your options may be limited. That said, there will certainly be a project that you could gain some valuable experimental skills from. But, use your resources (professors)!
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