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Separable Equation with Condition?

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    [SOLVED] Separable Equation with Condition?

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    I'm not sure how to separate this. Also, since the directions consist of only one word, I'm not sure if y(2)=2 is some kind of hint or an additional condition to be fulfilled. I'm wondering where to go after factoring t out of the top. Thanks.
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    Well after factoring... you separate (hence separable equations!)

    [tex]\frac{dy}{y+3} = \frac{t}{t^2+1}dt[/tex]

    Then integrate both sides.
    y(2) = 2 is an initial condition, not a hint... After solving for y(t) you will have one arbitrary constant, which can be solved for using this condition.
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    Wow, that seems almost too easy. Thanks.
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