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Separately excited shunt generator

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    I have a question that iv been stuck on for wile. Im in year 2, electronic engineering and im having a little trouble with this.

    A separately excited shunt generator has the following nameplate data, 50kW, V(FL) = 125, R(A) = .01 ohms, R(F) = 16 ohms and an excitation voltage of 125 VDC.

    Calculate the full load armature current
    The amount of EMT generated at full load
    Power dissipated in the shunt field
    Power dissipated in the armature
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    Step 1 is to sketch the equivalent circuit and mark on it the data you are given. This shows that you at least understand what a DC shunt generator is.
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    thanks, i looked at it for a bit and redrew it, then realized how easy it actually was.
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