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Sequential stern-gerlach

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    Wondering who did the sequential Stern-Gerlach apparati experiments and who developed the ensuing formalism. If you could tell me the original paper sources without much trouble that would be great. Thanks.
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    Hello. I see two signs have been atached to my question; they are envelopes, one with an asterisk, the other one with what looks like a grenade, or a spark plug or a short thermometer. Can one of the moderators please tell me what the signs mean and where I can find their meaning in the future? Thanks.
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    If you hit "private messages" in the higher right corner. Then you'll get a menu on the left. There you hit "list subscribtions", then you see all threads that you have posted in.

    Scroll then down, and there you'll see all the "envelopes" and an explanation.
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