Setting up a Teacher website questions

  1. Hello, this doesn't seem to quite fit into any of the forums, but I'm hoping to find some help.

    I want to set up a website as a teacher for my students to look at. I'd like to
    - Post general interest stuff
    - Post solved homework and tests
    - Let the students log on to do the above and most of all look at their grades
    - To that end, I want to post grades assignment-by-assignment. If there was a website service that could automatically sync to EZ Grade or such, THAT would be the killer app.

    Any comments about all this are appreciated!
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    No idea about the grades part, but everything else requires just a minimum knowledge about HTML, or a CMS ( Zillions of places offering hosting for free or for a very small fee.
  4. There are a lot of places that will host for you. It's rather overwhelming. But as a new teacher, I don't want to mess around with this much. I'm willing to pay a fee BUT for my money I want my life made very easy:
    - Really easy to upload presentations, homework, etc
    - Really easy to upload grades. Or WAY better, sync automatically to my grade book...
  5. I'd just use a wordpress install, honestly. It'd do anything but the grades, but grades can be posted with an Excel sheet and having each student choose a unique identifier.
  6. Do you mean like instead of student names, have them come up with their own names like "Birdie" or "#@$@" or "FlyGirl"?

    Interesting idea. I'll have to check if that would meet confidentiality requirements, since some students could figure it out (only 1 kid aces a test, it's easy to spot them). If there is even a clear policy about that...
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