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Shear Modulus (G) for Nitronic 50 or XM-19 Hot Rolled Condition

  1. Sep 14, 2012 #1
    I am looking for shear modulus (G) for Nitronic 50 or XM-19 High strength hot rolled condition

    UNS - S20910 and ASTM A276-10

    it is surprising for me that material standards like ASME or ASTM does not provide shear modulus data..?

    even checked "http://www.keytometals.com" [Broken] and "http://www.matweb.com" [Broken]

    but didnt found....

    is there alterative source to find shear modulus data...

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    For isotropic materials, $$G = \frac{E}{1 + 2 \nu}$$

    A Google search soon found values for Youngs modulus ##E## and Poisson's ratio ##\nu##
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    You are correct that the shear modulus can be calculated from Young's modulus and the Poisson ratio, but the formula you gave is incorrect.

    G = E/(1+[itex]\nu[/itex])/2
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    Oops. You are right. Of course if should be $$\frac{E}{2(1+\nu)}$$

    "E/G = 2.6" is burned into my brain, but that doesn't mean I never make typos!
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    thank you guys.... now i remember; this formula i used in my graduation..... :)
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