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SHM horizontal spring mass system

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    This problem states that a mass m is attatched to a spring with spring constant k and is pulled aside a distance A from its equilibrium position x=0.

    a) what is the speed as it passes the position x=0?
    I know that at A and -A v=0 and at x=0 v=max, but I can't remember how to get an equation for what that max is!

    b)what is the net force on the mass at position x=A?
    would this be F=-kA?

    c)what is the speed when x=A/4?
    i don't have any idea how to do this, but i think once i get part a i will understand

    any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Hi bionerdette and welcome to PF,

    For future reference, we have Homework forums for such questions, but don't worry you thread will be moved there soon. With regards to your question,
    I would consider conservation of energy.
    Indeed it would :smile:
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