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Should I major in Aerospace engineering or Computer Science?

  1. Jul 9, 2011 #1
    I'm not sure what I should major in. They both interest me a lot. How is the job stability? How is the pay? I know how to write in Java, but I can learn more before college (I have a year). What is you input on this?

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    Do you think I would be good at computer science?

    Hi, I'm trying to decide what to major in next year and I'm stuck between Computer science and Aerospace Engineering. I know a little java code. I am super good at math and get A's on every test throughout high school (I'm going to be a senior next year). Math is super easy to me and I don't have to study it for the test. Once I figure out how to do it, I know how to do it. Do you think computer science will be good for me? What about Aerospace Engineering?
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    Re: Do you think I would be good at computer science?

    The answer to that depends entirely on you. There's many different avenues you can take with a math background. Did you really enjoy the programming you did in Java? Why are you considering aerospace engineering? Do you know much about the field?

    If you're dead-set on majoring in CS or AE, take an into-level engineering course and CS course freshman year. You should get a decent idea of what you'll really like.
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