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Studying Should I read University Physics by Freeman & Young right no

  1. Jun 8, 2016 #1
    I just graduated from high school and will begin university physics classes in 2 months. Even though I got decent grades, I feel as though there are still some gaps in my knowledge.

    I have Calculus by Stewart and University physics. Which one should I start reading and hope to complete in 2 months and get adequate background for college-level physics?
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    From my experience in college level calculus and physics, the most common struggle students have is not with either subjects but with their algebra and trig. I would spend a significant time ensuring those skills are up to par. As a grader, it was a bit sad how often students would apply the concepts correctly but forget how to factor a trinomial or use the correct trig identity at the pivotal moment.

    If you're confident in your algebra and trig skills, I would go for calculus first. Simply so you won't have to be learning about limits and derivatives at the same time you're applying them in physics. I would also forget the idea of "completing" either of those books in 2 books. Slow and thoughtful understanding will serve you better than a quick and pseudo understanding.
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