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Should I stay in Australia or go to USA for my studies?

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    I am currently studying undergrad at the University of Melbourne in Australia majoring in Physics but I have also been accepted into the freshman class at the University of California Santa Barbara majoring in Physics also. The cost of studying in Australia is about AU$4160 which is about USD$3733 per year. The cost of an international student at UC Santa Barbara including on campus housing is USD$ 53,000 per year.

    Which school would be better for me in "your" opinion? Because I don't know how good are both these schools ranked internationally as I am not a US citizen so I can't work in the US in the future.
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    Assuming that the cost you state for studying in Australia includes housing (or perhaps you'll live with your parents), the difference in cost is about USD$49,000 per year, or $196,000 for four years.

    If you or your parents have enough money on hand to pay that sum without going into debt, then I would suggest staying at U of Melbourne and investing that amount wisely. Then when you are ready to retire, you will have a very nice nest-egg regardless of what kind of jobs you are able to get with a degree from Melbourne! :biggrin:

    If you have to go into debt to finance that sum, then I'd say forget it. The kind of jobs you get with a physics degree don't pay enough to make re-paying that amount of loans a manageable burden IMO.
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    Melbourne is an excellent uni. Stay there and save the cash.
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    If you want to study in the states do it for graduate school. if you're a good candidate it will cost you next to nothing (you'll get paid next to nothing as well)
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