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Should I take Combinatorics with Analysis I or Algebra I?

  1. Jul 28, 2015 #1
    Hello! On this Fall Semester, I will be taking the Linear Algebra with Proofs (Friedberg), Analysis I (Rudin-PMA) or Abstract Algebra I (Dummit/Foote), and Combinatorics (Brualdi). Since I can take only one from Analysis I or AAI on Fall, I am trying to figure out if the introductory combinatorics lies more on the analytic or algebraic aspect. I see that the linear algebra is frequently used in both analysis and algebra, so I think I will make a decision on which course to take based on their connections to the combinatorics. Of course, I know that the best method is to discuss with my academic adviser but the problem is that he is currently away from the works and unavailable for few days, which I need to make a decision before then. Please help me!
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    I"m not a mathematician, but I do recommend you speak with other faculty members for advice - perhaps a former math professor you have had, and/or perhaps even the combinatorics professor. Also, make sure that you tell her what your interests and goals are: without such information they may not know what makes the most sense for you. Likewise for advice from folks here - more info will help.

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