What is Course load: Definition and 39 Discussions

A belt course, also called a string course or sill course, is a continuous row or layer of stones or brick set in a wall. Set in line with window sills, it helps to make the horizontal line of the sills visually more prominent. Set between the floors of a house, it helps to make the separate floors distinguishable from the exterior of the building.The belt course often projects from the side of the building. Georgian architecture is notable for the use of belt courses.Although the belt course has its origins as a structural component of a building, by the 18th century it was almost purely a decorative element and had no functional purpose. In brick or stone buildings taller than three stories, however, a shelf angle is usually used to transfer the load of the wall to a hidden, interior steel wall. Flashing is used to cover the space exposed by the shelf angle to help limit the intrusion of water. Where flashing is considered aesthetically unpleasing, a belt course is often used.

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  1. D

    Courses Graduate Quantum as an Undergrad

    Hello, I'm considering taking the graduate level quantum mechanics course offered at my university (based on Sakurai/Shankar). I am currently reading Sakurai's QM, and mostly understand the topics (I'm currently reading the theory of angular momentum). There have been some steps where I still...
  2. Zack K

    Courses Will I be able to manage this course load?

    So this is what my course load is going to look like for my fall of second year as a physics major. math 251= Calculus 3 phys 211= Intermediate mechanics phys 201= just some weekly seminar that "expose students majoring in any Physics program to opportunities available with a physics degree "...
  3. SJay16

    Courses Is My Junior Year Course Load Too Much?

    Was just wondering if this course load is too much for a junior, I’m aware everyone is different, but let’s generalize the case. 15 credits; Quantum mechanics Statistical mechanics Methods of Theoretical physics Partial differential equations w/applications Geography elective I am afraid...
  4. J

    Courses How stressful will 18 credit hours in Physics be at Uni?

    The classes include: Electricity and Magnetism 2, Intro Modern Physics, Intro Theoretical Physics, Optics Lab, Intro to Solid State Physics. I will have a good amount of experience in E&M as well as Theoretical Physics. This will be for my second semester of 3rd year going for a B.S. in physics...
  5. John Jacke

    Courses Would this course load be manageable?

    Last semester I took Physics 2, Calc 3, a lab course, and ODE. This was easy to do for me because I studied often. This semester I will take: 1. Chinese 1 (required) 2. Linear Algebra 3. Modern Physics 4. Physics problem solving (a drill of advanced multi-step calc-based physics problems from...
  6. C

    Courses Dealing With Large Course Load

    I am currently in the first year of a 2 year diploma program for mining. It's a full time program with about 8-9 courses per semester which comes out to around 29-31 credit hours. I felt I struggled quite a bit getting through the first two semesters I got two C's last semester and I felt I did...
  7. Dr. Lollipop

    Is doubling up on Physics and Math majors too much for a sophomore?

    I'm a sophomore Physics major, and I'm considering double majoring in Physics/Math. So I've looked over the classes I need to take, and next semester requires me to take Modern Physics, Differential Equations, and Applied Probability-Statistics. To be honest, I don't know much about what Modern...
  8. B

    Should I take Combinatorics with Analysis I or Algebra I?

    Hello! On this Fall Semester, I will be taking the Linear Algebra with Proofs (Friedberg), Analysis I (Rudin-PMA) or Abstract Algebra I (Dummit/Foote), and Combinatorics (Brualdi). Since I can take only one from Analysis I or AAI on Fall, I am trying to figure out if the introductory...
  9. B

    Seeking your suggestions on my current course workload

    Dear Physics Forum advisers, I am a college sophomore in US with a major in mathematics and an aspiring mathematician in the fields of computation theory and cryptography. I recently revised my course workload with my adviser, and he suggested some variations in the workload for me to choose...
  10. B

    Seeking Your Advice on My Course Planning

    Dear Physics Forum advisers, I am a rising college junior in U.S. with a major in mathematics, and an aspiring applied mathematician. I apologize for this sudden interruption, but I wrote this email to seek your advice on my current problem on the course selection. I will very soon be...
  11. B

    Is My Advanced Math Course Load Manageable for Senior Year?

    I'm currently a high school student. For background, I finished Calc BC soph year and I've taken Calc III, DE, PDE, Lin. Alg, and an intro to proofs course this past year at a local 4 year university (earned A's in all). I'll be a senior next year taking Real Analysis, Intro to Geometry, and...
  12. B

    Course load would be too much?

    Hello all, I am currently in undergrad and am planning on taking 18 hours next semester (4 maths and 2 physics courses). I was just wondering if anyone who has taken these courses could tell me if the course load would be too much. The courses are: Linear Algebra, Differential Equations...
  13. P

    Engineering Course Load: 15 vs 12 Credits - UT Arlington Transfer

    Hi there, I would like to hear your opinion on taking 15 credits vs 12 credits. All the classes are engineering classes worth 3 credits hours. The list goes as follow: INTRO TO ENGINEERING DESIGN (Lecture) INTRO TO ENGINEERING DESIGN (Laboratory) SOLID MECHANICS (Lecture) NUMERICAL...
  14. jbrussell93

    Does course load matter in final semester?

    I am wondering whether graduate schools really care about final semester course load. I am a senior physics major, applying to graduate schools in geophysics. Currently I am enrolled in the normal 16hr course load but am considering dropping down to 12 hours for my final semester. I've never...
  15. ASZarathustra

    Considering a Busy Course Load for Next Semester: A Student's Dilemma

    So I recently signed up for classes this semester, and have everything down except one class. This semester, I'm taking modern physics, electricity and magnetism, differential equations, intro to advanced math (essentially an intro to proof class, along with a little basic set theory), and...
  16. H

    Should I take a humanities course or a physics course for my fifth class?

    Hi all, I'm having difficulty selecting a fifth course for this upcoming semester. I figured that this would be the best place to get input from people who have already taken similar classes. Currently, I have registered for: Math 472- Dynamical Systems (the emphasis of the course is on...
  17. P

    First semester course load advice

    What's up PF! I'm about to enter my first semester of college, and I've come to ask for some advice in course load. So here are what I am taking this coming fall: PHY 151: Physics II MAT 272: Calculus III MAT 275: Modern Differential Equations CSE 110: Intro to Programming with Java PHI...
  18. Illuvitar

    Transferring from Community College to University: Balancing Course Load

    Well from what I understand when a student transfers from community college to a university they start with a fresh GPA. Its kind of worrying me that by the time I transfer I will have all of my general eds out of the way and will have only engineering courses every semester till graduation. I...
  19. T

    Schools Does Course Load Really Matter for Grad School?

    Hi, I'm a sophomore undergrad and recently I've been wondering how much weight grad schools in the sciences actually put into your "course load." I've read some conflicting views on the internet, books on grad school admissions, and faculty. The websites for some grad/professional schools list...
  20. Hercuflea

    Can you assess my course load this semester?

    Hi guys this semester I am graduating this semester with a math degree and I am for sure taking these four classes: 1. Real Analysis 1 2. Numerical analysis 2 (differential equations/pde's, more advanced methods than numerical methods 1) 3. Electrodynamics (griffiths) 4. Spanish...
  21. T

    Taking summer school for reduced course load during school year?

    Hi everyone, quick and hopefully simple question, I was wondering is it a bad/good idea to take one or two courses in the summer to have a slightly reduced courseload during the school year? And how does this affect chances of graduate school and scholarships etc? Thank you!
  22. D

    Courses Avg course load while doing research

    For those of you who have done undergraduate research at your home institution during the fall or spring semester, what was your average number of credits taken during that (or those) semester(s). I had read somewhere that the time commitment for undergrads was generally 10-20 hrs, depending on...
  23. G

    Courses Questions About Taking 12 Hours of Math Courses Next Semester

    Next semester I am looking at taking 12 hours of math intensive courses, would it be wise to stay with just the 12 hours, or would it still be possible to take another Gen-Ed or humanities course? The courses are: Calc 3 Linear algebra Chem 2 Calc based Physics for science majors.
  24. P

    Courses Care to comment on the sensibleness of my course load?

    I'm coming into a university this fall as a junior after completing ALL of my general education requirements, which puts me in somewhat of an odd position. I literally have no courses left to take except for ones in physics and math, so that's definitely a plus. However, I haven't been able to...
  25. K

    Courses What is a good course load for PE?

    I am done with all my core classes and only need the PE classes. What would be a good course load per semester?
  26. R

    Courses What's a typical course load for grad student

    I'm going to be a first year grad student in the Fall. What is a typical course load in grad school? I will be leading recitation for 2 hours a week, plus 2-3 hours of "office" hours. I know most people take 12-15 or so hours during underdrad, but this seems like too many for grad school. I was...
  27. J

    Courses How is my course load for UBC First Year Applied Sciences? 5 courses first sem, 7 cou

    Here is my timetable: [PLAIN]http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/5438/ubc.png I have 25 hours or classes for my first term and 26 hours for my second term. HOWEVER the biggest problem with this is that I have 5 courses for my first term and 7 for my second. Do you think I can handle 7...
  28. W

    Courses Big Math Course Load - Is it Too Much?

    Hello, for my next year I will be taking the following math courses: first semester: differential equations ( honours version ) "advanced calculus" ( spivak's calculus on manifolds course ) complex analysis algebra ( groups, rings, fields ) second semester: continuing the...
  29. B

    Schools How much does your course load each semester affect grad school admission?

    I'm currently double majoring in ChemE and physics with the intent of going to grad school. This semester I'm taking 6 courses this semester totaling 19 hours, with about 10-15 hours per week spent in a research lab. I was considering dropping one course and taking it another semester, but I...
  30. S

    Courses Is a 17-Credit Semester with Advanced Math and Science Courses Manageable?

    Registered my classes for the upcoming Fall 2010 semester; these classes are only courses I need in order to transfer to USF. I've already completed all other requirements except Chem I + Lab. Registered courses: (17 credit hours total) Calculus III - M/T/W/TH Physics II + Lab - T/TH...
  31. K

    Courses Taking full course load with labs -NEED GUIDANCE

    Hi everyone, I'm planning to major in chemistry double minoring in physics and math. Next year I'm registered for a full course load (5 courses) each comes with a lab 3 hours long (except one which is 2hrs). These are all second year courses and they cover material I've never heard of. The...
  32. K

    Can I Handle This Course Load? Seeking Advice.

    Is this doable?? Next year I'm taking organic, physical, analytical chemistry, modern physics, and calc3. I guess the only way I'll know is to actually do it and see if I can handle it but I wanted to ask you guys and see if you had any thoughts about it. Plus if you've been through this some...
  33. M

    Courses Is Taking Three Math Classes in One Semester Manageable?

    Hey guys, I already checked through quite a few other posts and didn't find any that answered by question, so I figured I'd just post a new thread... Next semester, for right now, I'm signed up for Multivariable Calc, Linear Algebra, and Foundations of Math (I guess this would be the...
  34. D

    Courses Full Course Load for Canadian Graduate Schools?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if Canadian graduate schools care about whether you have taken a year or two with a full-course load. By full-course load, I mean the maximum 10 courses per year compared to just doing 8 or 9 courses. I know that some Canadian medical schools require you to...
  35. J

    Courses Graduate course load (in mathematics)

    Hi, all. I'm currently in a graduate program in philosophy and simultaneously doing work in mathematics. Since I've not experienced advanced math until now, I have no way to judge how realistic my projected course loads will be. Any input would be useful. A little about my situation. I'm...
  36. P

    Courses Is this too heavy a course load?

    Is this too heavy a course load to take in the spring of my freshman year? Calculus 3 - 4 credits Honors Physics 3 - 5 credits General Chemistry 2 - 4 credits Intro to Diff. Equations - 4 credits Some easy gened I have to take - 3 credits That's a total of 20 credits. Physics 3 covers...
  37. J

    Courses Is this course load manageable for a first-year university student?

    Hey all, I'm starting my first year of university in a month or so, taking the specialist program (equivalent to honors program at my university) for pure mathematics. I am also going to take applied mathematics and physics courses, out of interest (hopefully I take enough physics courses to get...
  38. D

    Courses Balancing College and Career Goals: Is My Sophomore Schedule Unrealistic?

    I am going to start my sophomore year of college this fall. I will be 17 years old (just for reference purposes), and the state pays for me to go to college early given I stay within 18 credits per quarter, but I'm wondering if I'm going to be overloaded? My dad is a veteran electrical...
  39. R

    Is Taking Three Evening Classes and Working Full Time Doable?

    I work a full time job. I attend school at night. For the fall semester I am considering taking three classes: Physics 1: 6:30pm -9:15 pm Monday and Wednesday Precalculus II 5:30pm-6:45pm Tuesday and Thursday Biology II: 7:00pm - 9:45pm Tuesday and Thursday I work until 6:00 - 2:00pm...