Show that [properties] can be deduced as a theorems, Spivak

  1. 1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    Picked up Spivak's Calculus, 3rd ed. and just started. Got to this question and I'm honestly not sure how to start, I looked in the answer book which didn't really clue me in any more.
    If I understand the question it wants me to work within the four properties and show that there is no contradiction/they all have to apply? Not a native English speaker so I haven't had maths in English but that's what I got from it.

    More interested in how to approach it rather than answers, would assume there's coming a lot more similar questions. Not really done any proof based maths up until now.
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  3. P10-P12 are properties given in the book previously(which you havent included). You need to prove those properties using the given new ones.
  4. Ah, Christ, no wonder I didn't get it even with the answers in front of me. Know what direction I'm heading now at least, ta.
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