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B Showing light to be a particle question

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    my son is going in to 6th grade and will be doing a science project at some point in the year. he has decided to do it on the duality of light. he already has his double slit experiment set up .. i am wondering if there is some other experiment he can add to show light as a particle so he can have them side by side?

    any help would be appreciated.. last year he wrote a thesis for english class on the possibility of using a mountain sized black hole as a power source via hawking radiation.. he's very smart and i want to keep encouraging him and sharing in his interests
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    he can do some 'photo electric effect' experiments in which bundles of photons hit a photosensitive material and can get some electrons out from it by sharing photon's energy and can check Einstein's photoelectric equations ,which shows light to be quantum particle called photons- to make it interesting he can use this effect to make Burgaler's alarm.
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    A camera sensor works because light comes in photons. He could do something related to that perhaps.
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