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Silicone sealant for medical device

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    i want to ask....is it any type of silicone sealant is suitable for medical application??

    i need to find the sealant that are biocompatibility for pvc tubing and dialysate with body temperature.

    how about acetoxy and elastomer is it suitable??
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    I don't know the answer to your question but I ask you this: do you have reason to believe that regular old hardware store silicone sealant will not be suitable for your application?
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    Why in the world are you asking this question on the Internet? If you are working with medical devices that interface directly with bodily fluids and patients, surely there are regulations for what kinds of materials can be used. Doesn't your company have people who know this information?
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    i do believe regular silicone is suitable for medical application and i found the silicone sealant but there is no certificated or verification to medical standard testing.

    there are two type silicone sealant that i found which acetoxy and elastomer.
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    i m still new to this material and chemical. i do more work on electronics and 3d modelling part. my boss just ask me to find out the silicone sealant that have verification on medical standard even we know that silicone is biocompatiblity.

    i do found acetoxy and elastomer and i know both are silicone. what make different between both of this??
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    I suggest you call the manufacturer's representative for the companies that make these sealants. They should be able to give you knowledgeable advice. Thread is closed.
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