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Simple impulse force question - force upon impact

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    Is there a way to calculate the impulse force F if the time of collision is unknown? The only formula I know to calculate this force is F*Δt = m*Δv. Is there a formula that perhaps uses plasticity as a variable instead of time or maybe uses the distance an object moves after a collision? Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is for an engineering project.
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    I think no. Because the only measurable variables on a colision is the distance, time and mass. The another things are calculated with that.
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    You can certainly say that if an object of mass m, with velocity v, collides with a surface and takes time T to stop, then it had average acceleration a= v/T. The (average) force exerted on it by the surface (and so the force it exerts on the surface) is given by f= ma= mv/T.
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