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Simple laser using magnifying glasses, lenses and a laser pointer

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    Hi guys, sorry new to this, I'm looking to build a simple laser using magnifying glasses, lenses and a laser pointer. How would I go about it and can I get away with using the pointer or do I need a laser diode?
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    A laser pointer IS a laser. So it is not clear what you are you trying to build. Could you be more specific.
    (I assume you are not going to use the pointer as a pump-laser)
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    Sorry for being unspecific, I'm trying to make a low power laser capable of creating heat on an object not just light
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    The reason that legal laser pointers have low power output is so they can't "create heat" and cause injury to people.

    If you want to use a laser for heating or cutting, you need a higher power laser, and YOU ALSO NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE SAFETY REQUIREMENTS OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING. This forum won't give you any advice on potentially dangerous activities, except for "don't do it".
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