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Simple log question

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    Help me solve for x in detail please:


    Simply done graphically, but algebraically?
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    It can't be solved with logs or anything like that.
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    I figured as much after working with it for a while, but I thought I might have just been missing something. How does one solve it then?
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    You can only approximate the solution, which is:

    [tex]x \approx 1.682790571570192534987737142973064792462[/tex]
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    I think you can't do it,without a calculator.Maple returns [itex] \left\{ x=1.\,68279\,0572\right\} [/itex],but it can't be solved algebraically.In fact,most transcendental equations can't be solved.

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    you can solve it by using newton-raphson method
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    Only approximate, not an exact solution. There is no exact solution method.
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