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Hi, I got this question:
If a simple pendulum with length 1.50 m makes 72.0 oscillations in 180 s, what is the acceleration of gravity at its location?
Ok, for the period:

[tex]\frac{180\textit{s}}{72.0} = 2.50{\textit{s}}[/tex]

Then I found the pendulum equation that I don't understand well. I arraganged it to find the gravity:

[tex]g = \left( \frac{2\pi\sqrt{\ell}}{T} \right) ^2 [/tex]

Then I plugged in the numbers and got the answer. Did I do this correctly? :confused:
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Looks fine =)

But do feel free to clarify your doubts with the pendulum equation if you have any ^^

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