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Simply supported beams bending moment

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    I dont know how to do the following question,
    The beam shown is under the action of a uniformily distributed load w of 2 kN/m between the supports and a point load of 2 kN at the end point. Determine the bending moment in kNm at point A situated 3 m to the right of the left support. Round off your answer to one decimal place and use the standard sign convenction for the bending moment.
    http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/6176/beamtest3.png [Broken]

    I have this question as revision and i cant find an example like this to work from anywhere on google.
    I have found looked on youtube, but with no real success.
    Any help would be great.
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    I know you have to find the equilbrium of the x and y directions.
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    Solve for the reaction forces first, using the equilibrium equations for sum of forces = 0 and sum of torques (moments) about any point = 0. Please show your attempt before we can provide further assistance. And welcome to PF!.
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    guys what is the answer to this question?
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    Sorry but no one here or myself has the intellect to work this out. I am sorry to disappoint you.
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    No, this is not a hard problem at all. But for a homework problem, we need to see some effort as Jay suggested. Where is your work, the calculation of the reactions? Show that you are putting something into this, please.
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    i posted this question over a year ago, so why do you think im still looking for an answer?
    For the record, from what i can remember, this was revision help.
    No point getting all angry because people havent 'made a reasonable attempt'.
    I will just take my questions onto yahoo answers where people are just pleased to help rather than trying to judge you for apparently not making an effort before asking people. If ive come onto a forum to ask for help, it probably means im a my whits end and ive come here because it was my last option.
    But anyway, i think i just scraped a pass in this exam.
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    thanks for the concern buddha
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