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Simulating Quantum Entanglement Experiments

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    (N.B. - Not sure if this is the right forum!)
    Does anyone know discussions of or actual computer simulations of quantum entanglement experiments designed to test the Bell Inequality? Has anyone tried to make a computer program that would simulate a "local realistic" view of QM?
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    Probably not. From what i understand, Quantum effects aren't efficiently simulatable in traditional computers. We would need a Quantum Computer to simulate the Quantum world. The biggest reason being that the amount of information in even a simple quantum system is exponential with respect to the size of the system (there are too many probabilities to track).
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    I guess the point is that if a local realistic view of QM were correct, it COULD be simulated with normal computers, so a theorem or discussion about whether it was possible to do the latter might be a way of shedding light on the former.
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    In theory you could use an ultra fine audio input device, and, on a windy day, base the random seed on the dynamic audio input.
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