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Homework Help: Single-phase hybrid bridge rectifier

  1. Jan 30, 2014 #1
    I need your help. I am not sure what formula to use for this question. Do you think this is the right one?
    What's the influence of L/R on this circuit?

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    For a resistive load that has a parallel smoothing capacitor, the output waveform looks like the one below. When you have only a resistive load and no parallel capacitor, what does the output waveform look like?

    When you add a large inductance (I'm assuming it has an impedance >>R at the ripple frequency), that will modify the output waveform of the purely resistive load. Can you think of what it will do to the output waveform?

    Waveform with purely resistive output load:
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    Hello MissP. You are on the right track with that idea, but there may be a catch to this. The voltage you are interested in is the sum of the inductor voltage plus that of the resistive load. The inductor voltage may not be as straight-forward as you were thinking (hoping? wishing?) it might be. :smile:

    If this hasn't been well covered in your classes, in addition to the help from Berkeman, I suggest that you do a google or textbook search for a tutorial on this circuit, complete with clear waveforms.

    Those are controlled rectifiers, are they? SCR's.

    BTW, I haven't heard this referred to as a 'hybrid'
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