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Homework Help: Average current in single phase bridge converter SCR

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    << Mentor Note -- thread moved from the technical forums, so no Homework Template is shown >>

    I'm studying controlled rectifiers and for full wave bridge rectifiers the notes(that I'm studying from says)
    It says that the average load current is Id / 2
    I don't understand how. Why should the 2 come in formula?
    I tried searching in books but there wasn't any formula for average load current. Just average voltage.
    There is also this question.

    I'm getting answer as 6.66A
    But they've given answer as 3.33A
    Why will the load current be divided by 2 for average value? I realize this is homework but i'm sort of confused with the concept as to why is average load current divided by 2 in the formula and graph above.

    I guess the thyristor current should be divided by 2 for average value. But why load current?

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    It's a little confusing -- could they mean the average load current for each pair of SCRs?
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    They haven't mentioned anything. Just this question. And even in the formula they've said I(avg) = I(load)/2
    And then they've stated formula for thyristor RMS current.
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    Yep. I admit to being confused also. I also get 6.66 A which means we are either both right or both wrong. Let's know of your progess. Thanks.
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