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Sinusoidal waves and Maxwell eqns

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    question about Maxwell equations:

    a linear restoring force causes simple harmonic motion. In Maxwell equations, what is this restoring force due to? In mechanics to mass and stiffness. do self inductance and capacitance the inertia and the stiffness?
    HElmholtz eqn resembles the equation for the spatial simple harmonic oscillator.

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    Hi fisico30! :smile:
    Yeah … and lambs gambol around the fields because of the springiness of time! :rolleyes:
    I think it's basically because Maxwell's equations show that the two fields are reacting against each other … the E field pulls the B field, and vice versa …

    curl E ~ -∂B/∂t, and curlB ~ ∂E/∂t …

    and this physical connection between the fields gives the shm. :smile:
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    and? I think the op already knew that much. hes asking where the 'restoring force' comes from.
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