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So I've been wanting to get an REU for the summer

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    So I've been wanting to get an REU for the summer....

    and have it constantly in the back of my mind that I need to apply but I haven't had much time since I have been swamped lately with school work. The applications are due around February. If I send out applications in the next couple weeks do I still stand a fighting chance at getting a position?

    I am applying to Wayne State's Smart Sensors and Integrated Microsystems lab.

    I also have no idea how to write a personal statement for this type of thing. What points should I address?
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    A personal statement is used to hopefully convey a message more personal (duh) than a resume or recommendations. For an REU program I would probably do half of it about what got you interested in physics and what currently interests you in physics. The other half I would explain how having this REU experience will be beneficial to you in the future.

    When it comes to the deadlines, you should definitely be sending them in soon. What you'll probably have to worry about the most is getting your professors to send in the recommendation letters on time. If you haven't done it yet you need to ask some of your professors if they could write one for you. Giving them plenty of time is important because they're busy people too.

    Good luck!
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    And one other thing - an REU has the potential to be one of the most valuable parts of your education! Even if things don't go as you expect - in fact, especially if they don't - you need to pay attention, because this may be your first exposure to physics.

    My REU experience was more valuable than every other class I took combined.
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    Well, I got the Wayne State SSIM position. They will have the funding to keep me on board this semester, all through the summer, and all through the following fall. I will be doing wide bandgap semiconductor research. The professor running the lab said I will publish and learn a ton. :)
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    Congrats :) Do you go to Wayne currently? Be sure to go to some Tigers games during the summer!
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    im praying i get into a Mathematics REU!!
  8. Jan 12, 2007 #7
    Nope, I don't go to Wayne. I go to Lawrence Tech. www.ltu.edu
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