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So many people come on to this site

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    Does anyone find it creepy that so many people come on to this site and don't say anything?! It scares the **** out of me. :uhh:
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    In particular the slurpy arachnoids.
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    Have you ever been the only person visiting a message board at a particular moment? No guests, no anonymous/hidden members. That was creepy for the first couple of times.
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    There are a lot of those here but i prefer that species to the kind that crawled up my neck in the middle of the night......I kept telling myself that it is just my hair moving....it couldn't possibly be a spider......:surprised
    It was a huge rubbery brown spider!! I have not been able to sleep right since.:grumpy:
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    Eww yuk that is disgusting!! I don't think I am going to be able to sleep now
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    You see at the moment it is creepy 10 members and 49 guests no one talking. What do the guests do?
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    They could be reading. I don't think you can make a post until you register. That may be why all the guests are so quiet.
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    How can they read and not want to join in? What a waste of time
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    I think alot are researching things in old threads. Every once in a while I get a PM from someone whose joined just to ask for more info about something I mentioned in a thread way back.
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