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So What Have You Done This Summer?

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    This is the first summer in a while in which I have done no travelling; I've stayed here in Sonoma County the whole time. Early on, I was mostly working, but I had some really strong allergic and asthmatic reactions that have kept me largely homebound for the last two months. I've only lived here for eight months and still don't know many people, so have mostly only 'hung out' with my roommate. I have gotten a lot of reading done, and have been pretty successful in beginning to teach myself Classical Greek.

    Probably the most notable thing I've done this summer is start to construct a language from scratch, developing a culture and mythology in which it can fit. I suppose it's similar to ancient human languages and mythologies, but I have added in my own elements, such as making water the animating spirit rather than air, and having women created before men, with men created as companions and men being responsible for the "fall" and everything. The language is also specifically adapted for use in song rather than speech (much like ancient Greek, actually), with the idea being that the first speaking creatures sang to each other rather than spoke. Eventually, I hope to use the language and associated mythology and culture in a novel or series of novels, the basic plot outlines of which I had already begun to develop several years before, but never really had the time to work on. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you're stuck at home with nothing else to do, isn't it?

    So what have the rest of you been up to? Any interesting stories or notable achievements from this summer?
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    I have had a summer of only 2 weeks, as I go to school during the summer term, and I have wasted it all. Although I did manage to get a total sum of 98 in Minesweeper, which I consider an accomplisment. Personally I can't wait for school to start, 2 more days :smile:
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    ate a lot of food
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    You were so active! don't you feel tired?
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    I've done **** all this summer. I want to go back to schooool!
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    I've done nothing but sit on my ass and read books.
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    I went to australia. you guys are boring :approve:
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    I totally agree I haven't done enything betwen 24.6. and 15.8. Aldo now I have a job in a softwere company and have currently been up for over 24 hours. PF is the only thing that keeps me from falling :zzz: :zzz: .
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    Not a damn thing.
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    Since the beg. of July: did some pool laps, read for fun, watched movies (also for fun). Anyone who likes movies should try Netflix.

    "Hard work never killed anyone but why take a chance?" -- RR
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    So nobody has done anything the least bit noteworthy, eh? I suppose I'll have to wait for Gale to get back with her road trip stories.
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    I got to ride in a C-17, I read around
    8,000 pages this summer, I trekked up Diamondhead, and ran down, I
    spent three days looking at girls in bikinis, I went to two awesome
    parties with my greatest friends in the world, I saw my first chick flick, I almost finished Halo, I moved into a new apartment, we bought a new house down the road from my old one (the one we'll live in next year), got an iPod, got Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger," stayed in Pearl Harbor, explored a submarine, one of the worlds largest
    battleships, went on the memorial you always see, got a new dog, drove
    halfway across the USA, went to Graceland, rode the worlds tallest 90
    degree drop and survived, went to Busch Gardens, decided I might move to Texas, strategically placed and set off 12 tactical nuclear warheads, experienced several new cultures - all in time for supper.

    In the minutes I spent forming that list, I recognized what a great
    summer I really had. In fact, it was phenomenal.

    It was fun. And tiring. And fun.

  14. Aug 21, 2005 #13

    Ivan Seeking

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    Data logging and retrieval systems for two bridges completed. Finished a five year long project for Boeing - a system to measure bearing face tolerances that is being certified by the bureau of weights and measures. Also just redesigned another machine for Boeing and made it about twenty times more precise - a gear finishing process - and in Boeings words, "made the OEM look baaaaaaad". :approve: Also set up a large control network for a chip plant that included control for six very large motors, 600 Hp each as I recall. Got way behind on the property due to a broken foot, but did manage to remodel the bathroom from the timbers up - almost done.
  15. Aug 21, 2005 #14
    I'll be doing something noteworthy in about a week when I move out. :approve:

    I've been waiting for this all summer.
  16. Aug 21, 2005 #15
    Met a veggie girlfriend :grin: Don't ever become vegetarian guys. Too much women in that buissnes ;) :P
    Got a little tan, worked out, visited my mother and father and little brothers, watched cinema, read Les Miserables, beeing a little boring but otherwise fine.
  17. Aug 21, 2005 #16
    I started to take flying lessons... got my student permit...

    other than this, jack-squat... been chasing threads on PF in my spare time...

    just came back from a stag party last night... that was fun :)
  18. Aug 21, 2005 #17
    I learn some new on the summer from textbooks
  19. Aug 21, 2005 #18
    Just goes to show how many nerds there are on these forums (myself included). Most people probably go off parting all summer, like my sister does. While we wait in bordom to go back to school so we can learn.
  20. Aug 21, 2005 #19
    nothing wrong with being nerdy... i was cool for about 1/2 of my life... i know it's easy for me to say, but it's not all it's cracked up to be... (you probably knew or heard that before)... just as it is for celebrities, they are normal people. being cool as defined by most people, means that you are selfish and care about mostly superficial things. really, it's not THAT cool.

    Not caring what the public thinks and doing what you enjoy to the fullest is the coolest.
  21. Aug 21, 2005 #20


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    I spent 2 weeks in the north of Scotland and had a fantastic time. The scenery up there is amazing.
    Clicky for photos 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

    Summer's not over yet for me. I'm off to http://www.leedsfestival.com/displayPage_leeds.asp?PageID=453 [Broken] in a few days :biggrin:

    And of course, I've partied plenty (if not a little too much) wooo!
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