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What should I teach myself this summer?

  1. Jul 5, 2015 #1
    I just graduated high school and don't have a job this summer. Rather than sitting around bored all day, what are the most interesting physics topic(s) i could learn online (keeping in mind I've only taken high school physics and calculus)? Thanks!
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    I'm biased... about 20 years ago someone signed off a message with "forget the differences; we're all star-dust". That quote started me on a road (still being traveled) that constantly blows my mind.

    Start with googling "how does a star work". From there on you'll start down a path that how everything around you (including you) was made in the heart of a star. And not just any old star otherwise it would all still be there - one that went supernova. And that will lead of to other nova's and black holes, neutron stars and some mind bending strangeness. And whilst you're on that path you'll probably ask - how do you know this? We can't touch the stars, we can't go get a tape measure and "really know" how far they are away? And how we know and why we can be sure we are right is another summer of entertainment in itself!! And if you get board with the stars you can come down to the solar system. Venus through Uranus? (or Pluto if you're old school) Nah!! That's just the nut in the centre of the cherry - google where Voyager 1 and 2 are and how V1 has only just left the solar system (does that have an end? you bet it does). Summer filled methinks :-)
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