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Software for Drawing biological processes & systems

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    Looking for software for drawing biological processes and pathways between cells or even tissues. I have engineering/programming/control systems experience so Im looking for something similar in biology.

    The ability to define different things, different colors or shapes would be good, I noticed a lot of databases have nothing but arrows and nodes and lack symbol diversity. Symbols for Signaling molecules, Transport proteins, Receptor, Phosphorylation, methylation and so fourth would be nice.

    Im currently using Simulink for control systems and have been using draw.io and yED for drawing biology diagrams but they are limited and not specialized for bio.

    Any good software for biological systems? What are molecular biologists and biochemists here using? I need something for extensive documentation, mapping and so fourth but I'd like some more freedom than just arrows and nodes to generate diagrams.
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    Not sure it's what you are looking for, but Cytoscape is a network/diagram tool and is used for a lot of biology applications. Might be worth taking a look.
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